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3 Reasons To Buy A Home NOW!

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3 Reasons To Buy A Home NOW!

Reading magazine, I came across this little tidbit...Right now is a great time to buy but it is difficult to bring buyers off of the fence and into a contract! Call me and lets talk about the market. Let me show you the great buys in your price range and provide you with some comfort in knowing that you are getting an excellent value at incredible interest rates!

Three Reasons to Buy a Home Now
Stocks are up 50 percent from the March 2009 bottom. Some commodities have risen dramatically. The only asset class left in the cellar is real estate, says Michael Murphy, editor of the New World Investor stock newsletter.

As a result, Murphy is advising investors to buy now for these three reasons:

Desperate sellers: Both home owners and lenders are eager to unload a flood of foreclosed and underwater properties. Buyers with the patience to push through these complex deals can save a bundle.

Little competition. Because most people dont have what it takes to negotiate their way through short sales and REOs, patient investors are winners.

Low rates. Mortgage rates are at their lowest level in 40 years. If you believe inflation is inevitable, lock in now.

Source: MarketWatch, Michael Murphy (08/19/2010)